Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Premier League

I know a lot has been said about IPL, its pros and cons, about the money involved, about its effect on test and 50-over cricket. But very little has been deliberated on the unsung heroes of IPL. These wonderful individuals have entertained us throughout the league, sticking to their teams through thick and thin, working and improving their performances endlessly, and what have we given them in return except foul words, lewd comments and hardly any appreciation for their efforts.

I thus would like to dedicate this post to the real heroes of IPL. the Cheerleaders :)

Apart from the Goni, Rohit Sharma and a few other fellows, for me(and I am sure I speak for a lot more too) it is the cheerleaders who have been the real find, the real discovery of IPL. "They've got tremendous potential", surely something that Ravi Shastri would say, given the opportunity to speak his mind.

From next time onwards, the BCCI must consider having a competition for the best cheerleading squad, because if crowds is what is going to get cricket back on track then what better way, right? Speaking of getting crowds, If I were the head, I'd have the cheerleaders at the centre and the matches outside the boundary lines. Now if that doesn't get the ticket sales going up, I don't know what will. It would be having the cake and eating it too, right?

Come to think of it, that wouldn't really serve the purpose of getting sports to the masses, would it? But who cares, after all, all that we want is some quick cheap entertainment. If we really did care for sports, our heroes of Hockey wouldn't be banging their heads(literally as per NDTV) at their financial plight, looking for odd jobs to pay off mortgages.

Coming back to the point, one must point out a big flaw in the Cheerleading squads, something that-I am sure-has been the subject of many-a BCCI meeting and something that definitely needs something to be done about (that's a whole lot of somethings) and that being the inclusion of men. Well, I know economically, men might be cheaper, but c'mon guys, Mallya has had them imported, so give him some competition.

Speaking of competition, the Royal Challengers Bangalore might be at the bottom of the table of points, but Vijay Mallya, "take a bow". Your second biggest contribution to Indian sport (the first being his money) has earned you respect and a special place in the hearts of India's cricket lovers.

Next place would have to go to, Priety's Kings XI Punjab, and I lay special stress on the 'Priety' because she seems to do most of the cheerleading herself. Is it out of sheer joy?, trying to keep up the players motivation? or just to get her cheerleading squad in top position too, I don't know. But it seems to be working.

About the rest, I don't really know. Anyway the cricket is far more interesting. :P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

About me

So here I am. After my first two rather unconventional (or so I have tried to make them, and believe them to be so. I wouldn't really know because I am not really an avid blog reader... waise enough of this bracket anyway, let me close it) posts, I guess I should provide my readers(0 and counting) some insight about who is this idiot crapping all over cyberspace.

Well, my name is Arjun P. Kamath, born in Mangalore, and brought up in Goa....(you can now close your mouths, and no I haven't done of the "things" you are sure I have, and nor do I have any of the vices that you have so quickly associated with me, because of my location). I don't drink, I am celibate(regrettably), and I consider myself to be a decent guy. Academically, I have been very well appreciated, and am presently studying at BITS-Pilani (which a lot of you ill-witted morons wouldn't know about, but which I could easily say is one of India's finest Institutions). I absolutely adore BITS and anything remotely associated with it. (More on this later)

I am not going to say that I am a gifted writer(among my many qualities honesty is one I hold very dear to me) but a compulsive one. What I am writing here is not out of sheer love or passion but deliberation and curiosity. I hope that this blog can be 'my thing'-pure and unspoiled by anyone but me. I am not trying to change the world through this blog. I have tried and failed many-a-time. All I want is to be heard and criticized-yes, criticized because only then does one truly get to know oneself and the world around. We speak our mind the most when we are at our most critical.(Hope that statement would pass my English Grammar teacher.)

Something more about the blog. Whatever I write is directly from my heart(though medically impossible, I think you get the cliche), I don't press the backspace key too often except for spelling mistakes (which I hate, and hate even more those who blog without regard for the written word, "If you can't spell, you can't write either", if you do find spelling errors here, please point them out to me :) ) You will also realize that a lot of things here in my blog, don't really make sense or are just totally disconnected. Don't worry, that is on purpose. Most of that is my attempt at shrewd sarcastic humour (Read my first two posts and you will know). If you don't get it you had better find someone who can offer you some more "obvious" humour, but if you do like it, please stay, cause we could have some fun. Also I love playing with parentheses and am obsessed with self-improvement(both of which must already be obvious to you by now).

I also play around with a little HINDI words here and there(if you find that irritating(more than the rest, relatively) I will stop).

If you have reached here. Well, thank you for your patient reading. Please do comment, and give me the link to your blogs, I will surely reciprocate the gesture.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My second post on my blog (very innovative name I know)

You know the feeling right? When you think of doing something, you get brilliant nobel-prize worthy ideas, but when you actually sit down to do the actual thing, you're at a loss. Well, that familiar feeling is staring at me right now. And she's looking at me from the screen with that all-too-familiar mischievous smile. Yeah, its a SHE. Since the creators of the English language didn't really bother with assigning genders to stuff except us living things, I thought of finishing their unfinished work. It's my latest hobby. One that promises not to last longer than this blog post, but fun anyway.

I imagine this is how their conversation must've gone. For simplicity lets call the fathers of modern day English, Ladybug and Donkey.

Donkey : Hey Ladybug, so we've finished most of our work. All that remains is assigning genders to stuff. And this part is yours.
Ladybug: Didn't we do that last time?
Donkey: Last time, you were drunk!! And I was left to do all the pronunciations by myself. Do you know how difficult it was with you having done spellings in my absence. I only had your notes to go through, and your messy writing, baap re baap. Didn't get a word of it.
Ladybug: Oye saale, don't you comment on my writing. You are here only because I influenced God to take you in. Otherwise you would have been just another writer for Seinfeld.
Donkey: HA.. your influence. I am here just because I am good at what I do.
Ladybug: Good! Ha, good in bed maybe but at writing, you suck like a straw.

At this, Donkey flung itself (the records paradoxically don't tell us their gender) on Ladybug, and a fight ensued. While the fight went on, the messenger of God entered. Now this guy.... apple, yeah lets call him apple. So apple was on a tight schedule, also it was Christmas time and Santa Claus had to be given his annual budget allocation. He had strict orders to get the literature stuff from Donkey and Ladybug without delay. So he just picked up the pile of pages and left.

And there you have it, the story of the beginning of the English language.

Monday, May 19, 2008

In the beginning there was a man and a woman...

HEHEHE... I aroused your curiosity there didn't I? Well, if you, infact, ARE looking for erotica then this is definitely not the right place, well actually not the right time. :) maybe in a few weeks time when I am done with the initial greetings, the 'finally, I finally got a blog, to finally call my own', the bickering and cribbing so common on every blog (but in a funner way) maybe I'll give it a thought. And you had better wait, because I DO HAVE A WILD IMAGINATION.

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