Monday, March 2, 2009

LIFE-a series of patterns

I know you usually come here expecting, some silly, sarcastic, pun-infused post replete with snide remarks and innuendos, that would bring a smile to you weather-beaten, test-striken, sleep-deprived, mess-nourished, unsatisfied, boring selves. Waise me too- I too often begin with something funny, potentially extraordinary, ticklingly humourous, unchronicled therefore (thankfully for me) unverifiable incident/experience/conversation/observation in mind, but sometimes, my expressively intelligent, uncannily observant, brilliantly thoughtful and unfairly gifted mind, notices/comes across/feels/ponders over something and I am obliged to report it.

Have you ever wondered/thought about/pondered over/been pensive about the fact that your life, existence, being, self could be just a series of patterns/a kaleidoscope with the same parts as everybosy else only marginally different/just one measly permuttion of the giant chess board of cosmos. Think about it, wonder over it, deduce it or just read on. Everything that you have done, thought, dreamt, typed, coded or messaged are doing, thinking, dreaming, typing, coding or messaging or will do, think, dream, type, code or message has at some point in history, at some level already been done, thought, dreamt, typed, coded or messaged by someone else, in a terrifyingly similar manner. Its Deja Vu, but at a whole new level.

It is imperative/essential/necessary/important to not look at this theory/notion/idea/thought experiment from extreme points of view. That would be foolish/stupid/silly/like running-away-from-the-truth. If you think from too high a level of abstraction(lingo of an electronics engineer working with VLSI), you may retort/disagree/comeback/repudiate that your 4 years of college life have been different from that of anybody else/unique/extraordinary/deviod of patterns, that today you did it with your left hand, while watching this, and were turned towards that direction etc etc.

From too low a point of view, it seems hardly relevant/pertinent/worthy-of-observation/not trash. Of course, someone, somewhere has thought of this way of playing cricket, has written this exact same sentence, has twittered this exact same message and so on.

Think midway/halfway through/average-it-out, and it starts getting creepy/uncomfortable/annoying/irritatingly noticeable. The uniqueness of our being seem to get threatened/come under question/come under the scanner. Life seems like a black box, a computer program, an algorithm which though different has common patterns found in everybody's life.

So what am I getting at/coming to/what is my motivation/intent? Given that I have told you this, or that you had thought of it before and dismissed it, just ponder/ruminate/think/look over it. Does this make your attitude towards life any different/does it alter your actions/does it change your thought process?

I am not saying/proclaiming/ideating/implying that everything that can be done has been done(though in a way it is true... think string theory level) but just that does this realisation change anything or mean anything at all? Is this subconscious/conscious desire to be the first in something, just-one-thing, what drives achievers to achieve, dreamers to realize, and thinkers to think, inventors to invent, electronics engineers to imagine, A7ites to... (sorry can't think of anything they do)? Is this what pushed the protagonist in the true-story-turned-into-aweosme-must-watch-movie 'Into the wild' leave behind everything he had worked for/dreamt of/achieved/gained in life in search of the 'truth'?(The movie does imply differently, but its just the director's/sreenplay-writer's/producer's/story-writer's point of view, and this is my own(just-thought-of-a-minute-ago) theory)

Okay, this is a deep deep question, at least for me? And if you dare to admit it. it probably is for you too. Do I have an answer/reply/solution/life-altering-deduction? Not really. But how do I feel/behave/fight-back/resist-the-urge-to-do-an-'Into the Wild'-myself? For one, I have begun playing with patterns (for my observant fellows), in an attempt to defy/deny/resist/fight the law/theory/notion/idea.

However on a serious/observant/unsarcastic/non-funny note, I believe, one should think about it, yes ruminate and sit over it, but not let it affect you too much. After all, if the theory/idea/notion/thought experiment is wholly/truly/more-than-partly true/correct/verifiable/undeniable, you'd have read this post many times over, and I and many others would have written this several times before. But/however/as a matter of fact the effect that this idea has had on me, and maybe you too, at this time, at this position of clock hands/this position of the calendar sun/this pattern of bits in the code of the digital clock on the botton right of your windows desktop(or wherever you put it in ubuntu/fedora/leopard/xubuntu), in the room that you are sitting in right now, this amalgamation of latitude and longitude and relative positionn of the earth with respect to the sun has never been felt by either you or me, or anybody else.

A t-shirt quote comes to mind, clinging to the periphery of my mind, knocking at the door of my imagination.


PS-1: For the record, no thesaurus was referrred to, peeked into, sifted through, or physically used in any conceivable manner, during the typing, writing, thinking, brooding over or publishing of this post, piece, unpoetic verse, set of paragraphs... ok I'm tired now. Tired/exhausted/brain dead/linguistically deprived/mentally stressed... ok cut it out. Cut it out/stop/prevent oneself from engaging into some activity/negative of continue...Aahhhhhh.

Also, I'd have polished the language a little more, but I am already in office for an extra half hour, and want to go home! So

Cya, Au Revior, Good bye, Sayonara(misspelt I guess), kal milte hain, falya melooya(konkani for dummies)... insert telugu, mandarin, tamil, german, kantonese, malayalam et al.

PS-2: It is not mandatory to smile after reading this line.

PS-3: You did smile, didn't you. :P

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