Saturday, October 4, 2008

The mystery that is Psentisem.

One of the most curious things that I found during my initial years at BITS was 'The Psentisemite', and if you thought the 'P' was a weird thing you had better read on.

While the rest of us had things up our asses, noses, ears and what not, the psentisemite oozed and drowned in vellapanti. Sleeping during the day and slumbering during the night, the only time when they left that mysterious castle of Bhag was to attend to-how do I put it?-extracurricular activities.

These were healthy senior-junior interactions during the first month, placements during september, NSP in October and blogging in November.

The psentisem is a transitional phase. It's like a bachelor party, but much longer and without the... ahem XXXXXXXX(this line has been deleted by

All your life before, is a struggle in academic institutions, the fish in the pond metaphor, where one has to shine as an individual and afterwards it is a time of discovery in the corporate world, the shoal in the ocean, where team work rules the day.

This semester helps in that, one does everything in teams :) and acads take a backseat(or rather the luggage compartment) and more importantly one learns several skills that are essential to success out there, to reach 'high' up the ladder. One of these has been banned since 2nd October, and I think you've already figured the second one out.

But on a serious note, this is a time when you realize who your true friends are, especially during the month of September. One's true character comes to the fore, and true bonds are formed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why inconvenience regretted?

Though I blog religiously (despite being agnostic.. HAHA bad one right. I couldn't help it) not many people read my blog, I know. But lite. Art isn't created for the public, it's for the artist. So I am going to go on, and some day... some day... I will have my day. Ek kahaawat hai, 'Har blogger ka din aata hai'. So mera bhi aayega.

Anyway coming to the point. I think it's the right time to tell you all why I chose this name. The right time as in, I can't think of anything else to write about and I need to justify my religious commitment to blogging.

I'm sure we all spend a whole lot of time picking our e-mail ids, because believe it or not, it becomes for us an identity, a second name, a name that we choose for ourselves and not one that is given to us because of the colour of our eyes or the day we were born or by putting together syllables from others' names. So choosing an e-mail id is like choosing a shoe, it can be neither too big nor too small, neither too ostentatious nor too run-of-the-mill. It needs to be just right. So after my tremendously successful and appreciation worthy e-mail address, junnaonly (although I didn't get any appreciation it is worthy of it) I had to back it up with a fundoo blog name.

Bahut aaye, bahut gaye. Sab ke sab already taken the. So there had to be a fund that few would understand but all would appreciate.

One of my favourite books is the 'The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' series. In one of the books in the series, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect are in the quest for a planet where God's Final Message To His Creation is located. The message goes like this, "We apologize for the inconvenience".

This was by far the funniest line in the book, and I am sure Douglas Adams fans would agree with me. There was such hype leading up to the event and finally this is what we get.

A blog directly named as that seemed inappropriate, and I didn't want people to reach my blog looking for something else, so I shortened and sweetened it. Both the fund was retained and I got more crap to blog about.

So in conclusion, for those who are right now agonizingly pulling out their hair, the message is thus,

MY BLOGS ARE GOD'S REMARKS(slightly modified to be funner and funnier (note the difference)) SO READ IT REGULARLY. MAKE IT YOUR RELIGION.

PS: Those who have read the book might argue, why not 42. In my defence c'mon guys, that's a fund that's a li'l too fundo.

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