Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The third amazing thing to happen to me..

Sorry folks, for taking so much time here. I know you must be thinking ki saala yeh, bada famous blogger bana gaya, isliye bhaav kha raha hai. But what can i say guys, I guess it just happens when you're this awesome.

Anyways, before you rip your hair out and pledge to rip mine too, I shall reveal the third, most amazing thing that happenned. It will take some time, because its been a while. Hmmm... well... ahh... No... hehe... Yesss, now I remember. Ohh, HAHA, lol. It's cool. Btw, you are not going to believe it (I might as well put the bet right now), because it'll just seem like one more of those things, where though nothing really happenned, I just hype it up to gain more leverage. Being the only reporter I can use it to my advantage. This is not one of those instances, and so I am going to write as though an innocent bystander was watching whatever happenned. (Waise I don't do- whatever I just said ki I didn't do here-as a rule)

Here goes (just to remind you, this is from a bystanders poiny of view, this guy-let's call him, or rather her, yeah let this be a girl, named... Emerald(totally random okay, just a fictional name from Midnight's Children(you should read it btw, it's awesome)):

Fine then, let Emerald take over(boy, this is hard re, how do girl's think... let's just give it a try)

I was walking along Jalan Bukit Mehra, after my dance classes. I am learning ballet. I've always been interes..... (insert boring crap about childhood dreams, inspirations and an older neighbour who had moved in from Alabama and blah blah blah) I was waiting for a friend who was supposed to pick me up, but got a call that she'd take some more time with her... ahem friend and that I should have dinner, so that we don't get too late. That !@#$%, what does she think of herself(crap again, but offensive)

I look around for a place to eat, and the only place I see open is a cheap Indian place called, Brinda's. I enter and see a simple place, the food is cheap, and without looking I could guess that there were only Indians here. How surprising! Cheap Indians and their cheap food.

I order dosa, its the only indian thing that doesn't have too may calories, the rest of the menu was atrocious. As I was waiting for my order, I see a group of 3 guys entering, smiling and joking with each other noisily. The waiters seemed to know these guys. Heh! Bloody Indians. No manners at all. They were all in shorts and shoes, and covered in sweat, like they've run a marathon. I hear Indians have very less stamina, so it'll probably be more like 3-4 km.

But my eyes are drawn towards, this one guy. He was tall, about 6 feet, short hair, had a dazzling smile but a slightly weird voice. He looked like a film actor, and was looking in better shape than the others. While they were panting, this guy was still stretching. Guess he had better stamina.

I sat at the table opposite them, out of curiosity. They all ordered lots, and ate like they had never seen food. This guy was eating with his hands, how awesome!

We finished about the same time, or rather I lingered about a little with my coke. As they left I followed to catch a last glance. Just then a black man(much older) approaches this guy. He had also eaten there, and was there with his group of friends(same aged). He whispers into his ears, "That girl wants to say something to you" pointing to his friend, who seeing this shies away blushing.

"She thinks you're handsome" he said as he tried to call her back. Surprisingly this guy instead of feeling embarrassed, just smiles. The balck guy now asks him to follow him out, and this guy does so. I follow them too, just to see what happens next. The girl is now running away laughing. Seeing this our fellow, not the black one, shouts to her, "Thanks". The black guy is clearly impressed with this fellow's sporting nature and shakes his hand, and leaves but not before saying, "She's my girl" and then follows her to the cab. This guy is just standing there smiling, and I am totally shocked myself.

Just then I see my friend, waving to me, in a cab. What !@#$%^& timing, I just grab my bag and run into the car but not until I get a final glance.


PS: Rules are meant to be broken, but seriously I didn't break any here.

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