Friday, June 19, 2009

The Marathon run

A promise is a promise, right? So among the multitude of blogging options that I hinted at in my previous post-I hate it when people use 'last' instead of previous, leaves room for ambiguity, like when people say that they did skydiving on their last trip, how in the names of Dogbert and Catbert(characters in Dilbert), can they go for another one, if it was the last trip, they should be dead! Maybe there's a Facebook group for people with grievances like this, that I can join to feel happy and content, and then never ever think about, and justify it by criticising it's lack of activity... ahh, I love the online community, gives you so many ways to de a bad thing and actually feel good about it!

Now I am totally lost, and have to look up to see what in the name of Alice and Pointy-ears(more characters from the afore-mentioned strip), I started to write about. Ohh, yeah. The marathon.

Now running the marathon is one of the most selfish things one could do.(I love saying 'the' marathon, makes it appear so much awesomer than it is... see selfish!!) It's one of the few things you can do, wholly for your ego and nothing else.

You want to feel better, feel self-important. You don't care if your work gets affected because you practice and can't get enough sleep. You want to feel better than others who don't 'keep fit' and are 'unaware' of their bodies even though you started only a week ago, you never reveal your timing saying that, ''It's not a race against time, its just the finishing, the experience", despite the fact that your day was made when you realised that you beat that guy in IT, or screwed after being told that that fat girl in your neighbourhood decimated your timing, you justify buying those expensive Nike shoes, because you 'need' them. I hope you can keep up with this line of thinking, you unaware morons. If you can't that's because you are not physically fit and mentally alert, which can only come from a marathon run, you no-good twerps.

I know this line of thinking is counter-intuitive. And it is. Do I believe it? HELL NO! I just wanted to ruin your day if you've ever run a marathon(see, for you its 'a' marathon, I ran 'the' marathon). It feels good seeing other people suffer, great when you're responsible for it, but it feels wonderful when people feel guilty for something they did, that they thought was selfless, humane and kind(like charity, especially anonymous charity). I am feeling so great now!!

Alright, so how was the marathon? You know when they say, cricket is not just about bat hitting ball, coding is not just syntax, it is the journey not the destination and other random mumblings that sound like mumbo-jumbo. I guess it's because most of us have never REALLY been involved into any 'one' thing that much... by us I mean people my age, we want to do a lot of things and so there's never like one FIRM sole purpose in life, that we'd die to achieve. So if you want to understand what these guys meant go run yourself a marathon, because a marathon is just not about the running. The running is the easy part.

I'll leave it at that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The awesomest PS

I have been a bit busy at work the last few weeks(yeah right! I am sure you're saying to yourself) but yaar, you've heard the 80%-20% law na. I don't fight it. So I just laze around 80% of the time.It works for me, and besides it's illegal to break the law right? especially in a 'fine' city like Singapore. 

So what have I been doing, during the extended all-paid leave from blogging. I don't get paid anyways so its technically all-paid... sorry it'll take some time for the humour to reach its all time glory, so please bear with me. Yeah so coming to the point, I have:
1. to win the nobel prize, an oscar and feature on the the cover of TIMES magazine
2. be the PM/President of any(?) country
3. act in a super-duper-record-breaking-200 days-running movie(language no bar)
4. set foot on all continents and a couple of planets
5. buy a Mac, make an app and get lots of money
6. buy a secluded tropical island with over a dozen hot.... hey wait a minute, sorry guys that's the wrong list :P (so now you know what to get me for my b'day)

Oh yes, here it is:
1. run my first marathon.. that too a full one(yes yes, a blog post will ensue, don't whine for God's sake) ... and unlike what they all say, the pain does take long to go away... way to long
2. I called my parents and brother here for an unforgettable 7 days and 8 nights stay in lovely Singapore and tropical Malaysia which is behind door no. 2!!! what the! sorry, I went into the game show mode again. Y'day I had a dream where I won like a trillion bucks  and the island I was talking about on... never mind! Yeah so it did happen, and this was their first foreign trip. So go shead and say, ahhh, so cute. :) coz I deserve it.
3. designed my website... why? just because I thought it would be a cool thing to do(you may find his line on my homepage too :)) The link is:
4. Have been on Twitter a lot(micro-blogging right, so I technically HAVE been blogging)
5. Finally figured out what my project here was all about! Thank goodness for that one!
6. Also I got my offer letter from Nokia Siemens Networks and I join on 1st July. Actually there's nothing I DID about this thing, but I am just happy and can't recollect more than this.
7. Solving the rubik's cube... ahh that's it I am just making things up now, so I had better stop.

So yeah, it's been cool and busy and fun. It's now my last couple of weeks here in Singapore, and yes, Singapore you will be missed. Your paying me for having fun, your close proximity to so many other countries along with your cheap airline(a blog post for Tiger airways too is in my things to do), your awesome transportation system, your scintilly clad population, your awesome exchange rate(SGD rocks man!),  your unofficial language Singlish(yes la, I like Singlish la, can can!), your legalisation of the world's oldest profession(my interest here lies entirely in its socio-economic and medical benefits for the population :)) et al.

See right here, there are so many more blog posts hidden away. So I guess I can say, I'M BACK(in Arnold's voice). So rejoice you all!!

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