Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's proved, Rain hates me!

How else do you explain, that three times in a row in, rain has played spoilsport in my otherwise perfectly enjoyable, awesomely brilliant Malaysia trips.

The first time in Genting, we were disallowed from getting onto the space shot(which would basically shoot us up into.... space), second time in Sunway lagoon, a 200 ringit investment lost value immediately when according to the bloody @#$%^& incharge, the few drops of wetness that may have set onto the stainless steel chord would make our 10 second ride fraught with danger. We tried to tell him that, that was the point! If we didn't like being in danger, if we were so boring, we'd be at home, reading Shakespere, eating biscuits,playing poker(with fake coins) or taking quizzes. Maybe even reading blogs :)

The third time was when the Grand Prix itself got washed out, when it began raining elephants and giraffes. Here, I am obliged to apologize to all who attended. I am sorry that my bad luck screwed it up for you. It's a pity that my individual bad luck overcame all your collective hopes, dreams and aspirations. Ahh... that felt good. Nothing feels better, than the feeling of screwing up someone's life.

Overall the trip was fun, speed limits were enforced, not by the traffic police or that void space in our heads called 'conscience', but by everyone trying to do the same thing, go fast! When everyone wants the same thing, nobody gets it! Demand and Supply, rule of nature.

The trip to Sunway Lagoon, a theme park on the outskirts of Kuala Lampur, was fun. We shopped along Petaling Street(very similar to Palika Bazaar) for 'official' EPL merchandise, and of course the non-fast moving parts of the F1 experience. They move slowly, sometimes just stationary, come from all over the world and take your breath away!!

During the race we had the engineer's kind of fun. What's that? You see there are many types of fun, ways to enjoy a sporting event. The normal F1 fan, would follow the sport all his life, would never miss a race, and could recognice the car from the smell.

We engineers, would be able to explain to you about the aerodynamics of the cars shapes, the importance of weight distribution and be able to design the optimum pit stop time, but we can't really enjoy the race, just like that!! :( So we used the last-minute fan algorithm. Two days before the race, we wiki, google, yahoo and read all we can find about the sport. From the dimensions of the tires to the most recent rule changes, and quiz each other on such trivia before the race. I know, it's lame and geeky and stupid! But it works!! with a few monor problems. Though we could tell the significance of the green circle on the tires(btw it means they're using soft tyres), we couldn't tell which car was whose! LOL!

And waise the rain was a good thing, because once one car went into the pit lane, we couldn't really follow anything. So yeah, it added to the excitement. hehe, I am so screwing with you!!

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