Friday, March 20, 2009

The fun part of a road trip is the time on the road... so boy, did we have fun!!

I know, I know the title is long, but I think you get the message. The Malaysia Road trip was my first experience of a 'real' road trip. So what do you need for a 'real' road trip? Let me list them down:-
  1. A car(preferably a local one, keeping in mind that the bribes needed to get out of a speeding ticket is a function of the current diplomatic relations between the country of birth of the policeman and the numberplate of the speeding vehicle)

  2. Not more than 2 drivers per car(this is a specific requirement to Malaysia, because 2 people can anyways adjust but if more, then they'd be big fights for the steering wheel)

  3. Maps(naturally they are useless, the only maps we found really useful were, one, the political map of the whole of Malaysia and two, the map of the rides inside the Genting theme park)

  4. Very importantly, absolutely no knowledge of the local roads and very little knowledge of the local language, implying that, if there's one guy who's been there, done that, leave him at the airport or rather push him off the nearest tall building, and talk to locals with Yes and No or even better with sign language.

  5. Clothes, take proper backpacker type, shorts, rugged t-shirts, and get one of those large vertical backpacks. So even if you stay in a posh hotel, the locals and people who later view your photos on picasa, will think that you went on this big near-death adventure.

  6. Plans: Do plan your trip to the minutest detail. This is only so you can bear the pre-trip goosebumps. Anyways nothing is going to go as planned, so might as weel feel good while you can.

  7. A rubik's cube, or better that book you always wanted to read. Yeah you guessed it, you're definitely not gonna read it, but the idea of it being there, relieves you.

  8. One dutiful guy, who keeps the financial records, wakes people up on time, and never complains when stuff is flung at him, does the pre-trip planning, also drives pretty well, is great with girls, has a digicam and knows how to use it, and is overall the bestest guy on the trip. ME!!!
PS1: A special mention has to be made of the INSEAD printer. It's contribution to our trip rivals Ashok's and Abhishek's. LOL.

PS2: Don't be disappointed, there's more to come. Just that I don't feel in the 'real' blogging mood yet. So to all my fans and aircons(it's been some time, since I made a PJ) please keep patience.

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