Friday, November 28, 2008

What to write in a Write-Up

Most BITSians would know what a write-up is. But for the benefit of those who don't... during farewells, you know the formal goodbyes to the people in your Assoc or Club, friends get together and speak about a certain guy/girl that they feel about, to those gathered.

Again for those who have been to write-ups, especially this year will have seen some brilliance... hats off Nakul, loved it man.

But what I want to say is, what exactly a write-up should be about. Yes, we have seen really funny hilarious and awesome write-ups. After all, who doesn't enjoy seeing a guy go on-stage and get embarrassed... be it the guy who's reading rather than the fellow whose write-up is being read out. But seeing the level of intolerance and some incidents that have transpired the last few farewells, I guess we should realize that not everybody has done great things here, not everybody has stories about weird sexual positions and masturbating mishaps, not all of us have entertaining encounters with the opposite sex... in short not everyone's write-up can be as good a mine, to be frank and un-modest... and more importantly not everyone can read a write-up as well as some gifted people like me. What can I say man, I rock in everything I do, though kabhi kabhi hug deta bhi hoon.

So when you sit at a farewell, and a not so interesting write-up is being read, or if the person is not known to you, don't just dismiss it and boo away. Take the opportunity to know the person who has been living not more than 100m away for over 3 years, whom you see almost everyday but never conversed with, and appreciate the enthu of the friends who have taken the trouble to try and embarrass the guy in front of everyone. And for God's sake, kisi aur ladki ko pakdo yaar, ek don ko itna embarrass mat karo, baakiyon ko bhi important feel karao.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Farewell to remember..

It's been a busy week, with formal tea parties, informal farewells, naughty write-ups, free dinners, PS - 2 stuff, project work and make-ups. Now I have several times, expressed my love for my department. Not the work and stuff... that's always secondary. The people and the fun times. And recently my juniors gave me even more reason to be proud. Now we have all seen and experienced farewells, but none like this one.

In case you have the time, do come over to Bhag new wing, Ram upper front wing, and Ashok pi wing, and look at our invite. Invites are made to be different, but this one stood out like an oasis in a desert. This was just a sign of things to come.

The next day, we psentisemites were asked to be ready by 8am... :) No need to smile, we weren't late, actually we were an hour early(keeping in view psentisemites' rule of arrival 2 hours behind schedule). We weren't told where we were going, outside campus was a 20 seater bus ready to take us to... Surajgarh. A piece of advice, do in your BITSian life visit it once. Awesome place. Its a former fort, that's been renovated into a resort.

Once we arrived, we were given red carpet treatment... literally. And with each of us being accompanied up the stairs, by lovely young ladies on eitherside, we felt nothing short of royalty. After a brief trip through the palace cum fort cum resort, filled with wierdly posed pics, singing, some really really weird games :) and otherwise generally running around, we spent time at the pool.

If I ever have to list out some of the best times I have had here (and I have had many) this would definitely be in the top three. It was really fun, there weren't any tensions, worries, phone calls, arguments..anything of that sort. Just a bunch of really good friends, having fun. The water brought out the best in us, the child within. We could have been mistaken for little children who have just found a new game to play.

The food was brilliant... I mean seriously GOD LEVEL, a customised preparation for us exteemed psentisemites with handpicked dishes.. the hands that did the picking i.e. our juniors did a fantastic job of it.

After hours of lazing around, we sat down for a session. Recounting all the great times we had, all the laughs, the work... (I wasn't involved here much :) ), the great times, the trips (ohh.. the trips), the politics :) , the fights, the arguments... in hindsight they all bring a smile to my face. I have no regrets for the things that I did, but just for a few for those that I didn't. We felt like learned gurus, sharing our knowledge for the benefit of posterity.

Thus ended a day that I will never ever forget. Despite all that has happenned, we... I speak for all of us psentisemites, love you all. And no matter, how much you screw up, we will always be there for you. Thanks again for a wonderful farewell.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Thank You Note..

So its the last few days of my BITSian life, and every time I recollect and reflect over the awesome time I had here, tears fill my eyes. Now it would be wrong, rude, impolite, disrespectful and utterly improper, if- before I leave -I do not say thanks to all the awesome people that have given me such an eventful 3 and half years.

So here goes.. and a couple of points here. The list is in no order of priority, so please do not complain. However if you still have grievances, please direct them to google's customer care centre. Seriously try it, it would be fun :). And secondly there are a few 'thank you's that cannot be declared openly over blogosphere, however open and overt I try to be. So these people will be sent e-mails. Yes, I will try my best to send e-mails to all those people, who have affected me, however small their contribution. It is going to be a huge number. I will draft these as I feel appropriate.

Also a warning, this list is going to be modified often and also probably end up being really really weird, so please bear with me.

Thank You DC++
  1. Freedom from IP multicasts
  2. Enabling me to fill up my 1TB hard disc
  3. All the other reasons, right or wrong.
Thank You, 1681 BITSians who voted for me
  1. Believing in me....
  2. Giving me such a wonderful opportuntity to screw up my grades.
  3. Letting me take you for a ride, with my sweet talk, dashing smile, clean image and incredible persona. :)
Thank You, the rest who didn't
  1. Nothing man, just NE NE NE NENE(childish mocking chant). Hehe, light ra. Just joking, Prashant was and still is a good friend. 
Thank You, OASIS
  1. Giving me an annual dose of adrenaline, testosterone and the related hormones.
Thank You, PS Division,
  1. Allotting me my PS station early, so that I can spend my last few days worry-free and poke fun at others. 
  2. Making my tenure as General Secretary infinitely less troublesome(am referring to the reshuffle a semester before my elections)
  3. Having so many PS-1 stations in Goa, so my friends could be there.
Thank You, A3
  1. Deadly faculty
  2. Deadlier time
  3. Deadliest course of my life. ADVD and /or MuE
Thank You, mess
  1. Subsistence... not food, thats only on alternate Sundays. Just subsistence
Thank You, all the girls in BITS
  1. Making me realize, that good guys truly do come last.
  2. Being the subject of so many midnight b'day celebrations... well that thank you goes to only about 6 of them, c'mon with so less choice, there's bound to be intersections.
Thank You, Bengal/Rajasthan.. jahaan kahin se aaya
  1. Giving us Bharat Mimani
Thank You, Shiv Ganga,
  1. Those wonderful stories. Mere liye stories hi reh gayi yaar.
Thank You, BITS dhobis
  1. Making me independent, by forcing me to wash my own clothes.
Thank You, that webcam that took our pics the first day we arrived
  1. Capturing our worst... absolute worst. I know people who have eyepatches on their ID cards.
Thank You, Nithesh, Vijay, Vikrant, Rachit, TPD, Sinchan, Arpit, Dhruv and the rest
  1. Making my last SU elections... so so very memorable. I just hope you people will feel the same and remember it for all the right reasons.
Thank You, Delhi
  1. Being just the right distance away, being accessible yet making every trip special.
Thank You, everyone who smiled at me any day

  1. Making my day that day.
Thank You, VLC media player,
  1. Playing anything and everything I throw at you. You give me hope, there's nothing you can't do. I wish to be like you VLC.
Thank You, GOOGLE.
  1. The many ready made assignments that you directed me to, WIKIPEDIA helped here too.
  2. Gtalk and the many long chats, which would have otherwise cost a lot of money on phone.
Thank You,
  1. Helping me with my passion/part time ambition/interest in writing and communicate my ideas.
  2. Helping me do this, 'Thank You' note with style.
  3. Directing me towards some horrendously bad ( BITSian)blogs, so that I may learn from them.
Thank You, THE JINxD
  1. Letting me stay in the group. :)
  2. Tolerating my antics and PJs and general weird stuff that I do
  3. Being the bestest pals in the whole wide world, never to be forgotten. EVER!!!!
Thank You, PCr
  1. Being the best department in the StuCCA body :)
  2. Giving me friends like, Kattu, Chussi, LJ, Vishwa, Ganeri and Sabbu, who I wouldn't have met otherwise.
  3. The wonderful juniors, seriously man, you all rock. Not matter how much you screw up, I love you all dearly!
  1. Teaching me so much about myself
  2. Letting me test my limits and capabilities.
  3. Teaching me to judge people and handle situations.
  4. Giving me so so many friends, and many many more admirers and fans :) I love you all!
Thank You, DC++
  1. Friends, Heroes, Prison Break, HIMYM etc
Thank You, Heather Graham, Jenna Jameson, Kim and the rest.. I think you get the message
  1. Helping me and so many other BITSians transit from boys to men. :)
Thank You, ANC, rediwaalas, FoodKing.
  1. At least feeding us during psentisem properly
  2. Being the best hangout places in the world. CCD, Barista, KFC lite... ANC rocks!!!
Thank You, 2006 batch
  1. Giving me such an eventful psentisem. I will never forget this sem
  2. The brilliant elections. Take this with a pich of salt
  3. Proving that, only the first BITSAT batch 'really' rocks.
Thank You, BITS Goa
  1. Proving that, though the other Pilani batches don't rock as much.. they certainly don't suck as much either.
  2. Keeping most Goans in Goa. I couldn't stand being responsible for another regional association here, and definitely not people swearing at my dear lovely Goa. For my fellow Goans, lets please keep it that way. Let Pilani BITSians experience Goan culture when they are ready and travel to Goa.
Thank You, Sharmaji, Blue Moon, Nobel's
  1. The lovely gulab jamuns, paranthas / fried maggi, MNBs, PPW / chicken rice, biryani respectively.

More to come later.. This is gonna be loooooong

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