Thursday, December 11, 2008

My last post from Bhagirath

Nothing I say, or do, no joke that I crack, no speech I make, no sarcastic comment, no amount of distractions, no amount of alcohol... nothing can change what today is. Today is my last day at this abode of education, this dwelling that has given me the best days of my life,  the best, the very goodest place on earth, and nothing can change that. 

Forget summer of 69, these were the best days f my life. Everything changed that fateful night when I entered the gates of BITS-Pilani. Though we did not realize it, it set wheels in motion. People from all over India, who given any other permutation would never have met each other, began a journey that would change everything in their lives. That day I saw and met strange people, people so strange I hadn't even heard some of the places they had come from. From time to time I thought to myself, if I was an hour early, or had I arrived the next day, how different would things have been. I would've been in another hostel with different people. How different would I turn out? Would I have become a ghotu, maybe later to be part of Wi-Fi?(However ridiculous it may sound, it was a possibility) Or would I have become a hard core gamer, spending all day on DOTA or CS? I probably wouldn't have done a lot of things that I am grateful for, or would I?

Now 3 and a half years down the line, I think again, and you know what? I wouldn't have changed a thing. Not because I am happy for what I have become. But because, it wouldn't have changed things. You see, we are what we choose, consciously or sub-consciously. 

The course of our lives is not determined by our abilities, but by our choices. No matter where you are from or when you arrived, nothing would've changed. A few friends here and there maybe, but what you are now is a collective outcome of the choices you made, during the course of your time here, and I am happy for the choices that I made. 

Coming back to psenti-stuff. I admit it, I love BITS and have no qualms admitting that I am going to cry all the way to Delhi. No other place in the world could've given me what BITS has. The answer to who I am. My time has been a journey of self-discovery. Every person I met, every thing I did, every course that I studied, taught me something about myself, and for that I am ever grateful. 

Coming to the people, every place is defined my its people, and in India, where the most abundant resource is human resource, its difficult to get such quality in quantity, unless you're in a university such as BITS. 

Here, in 3 and half years, I have made friends and foes, people I will forever remember, people I wish I had never met, people that I want to be like, and people seeing whom I am thankful that God didn't make me like them, but most importantly I have met people who are special and have become important to me, and that includes each and every one here. My wingies, my PCr mates, my juniors, the chowkis, the mess workers, the Deans, the professors, the rediwallas, the C'not people, the worshop fellows, the rickshawallas, the guy selling sweet corn, IC workers, the guy in O-Lab, the fellow in Gym-G, the OASIS outstation participants, the alumni who visit.... each and every one of you is special, and I thank you for making me feel so very special. 

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