Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malaysian trip-Epidose 1

I've read many travelblogs, and they are usually the stereotype, went there, saw this, did that, took pics sort of crap. Now that's fine, as long as YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! I mean seriously guys, nobody reads you blog to know how you felt when you touched the Petronas Towers for the first time, how brilliant the view was from KL Towers, how unwordly the Beach Club Cafe was and how adrenaline pumping driving at over a 100 miles/hour was. Okay, am getting lost here. So is this post going to do any of the above, OF COURSE. So why did I give you so much bullshit? Just to prepare you for what's in store. Also a warning. In case life hasn't been good to you lately, you've been getting bad grades while your sidey is av+av, or you've just had a breakup(if you're a girl, in or just out of your teens, smart and pretty... call me!! :P, I give great get-over-that-breakup-I'll-take-you-to-coffee-talk), don't read any further. You wouldn't be able to handle the jealousy!! :P

I'm going to try and make this entertaining for all. Waise the link to my picasa album is to the right, so if you're not in a mood to read, go ahead.

Ours was a roadtrip. We went to and through Malacca(the town is so sleepy, Goa seems like a vibrant metropolis in comparison), then to Kuala Lampur(where no road ever goes to where you want) and later to Genting Highlands(where though we missed the casino... go on go on, laugh your heart out, you won't get another chance till I finish all episodes, we experienced indoor skydiving, which for an hour later became my latest ambition)

In total, we were 9. Me, Ashokey, Abhishek, Kattu bastard drunkard driver, Babu brothers(who love each other so much, that they can't keep their hands off each other... either they're gonna love this line or I'm in for a beating the next time I see them), Item, Jula and SRK.

Our car was brilliant, it was local Malaysian Proton Waja, which supposedly even the women in Malaysia know how to repair(that's saying a lot!!), it has a stick shift and a pseudo clutch(it exists only in your mind as you desperately try to prevent your left foot from kicking air). Basically its a woman's a very simple car to drive. But boring too, you can start the car from stationary position being in the 4th gear. Ahhhhh!!!

After 3 hours, of driving along expressways, losing our way, taking u-turns, getting misdirections from uninterested passers-by, we came back to where we started. We then opened the luggage compartment, flung in all the maps, and were on our way... the right way. Information overload is such a PITA.

Malacca is one place which is first on the list of places not to visit of most people. On telling one taxi driver, back in Singapore, our itinerary we were met with, 'You look like nice, healthy young men, why are you going to Malacca?' Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out what he reallly meant!

But all prejudicial images were shattered. It was an awesome place. Have you ever been to a place, where nobody seems to be 'working' to earn a living, where you find people having lunchinner, and where the quickest walking speed if half a stroll? If no, come to Malacca. Time has no meaning for these simple people. Every weekend they have a colourful vibrant street market called Jonker Walk, where you get chocolate-dipped grape kebabs, caramel encrusted kiwis, cheap made-in-china electronics, weird puzzles and most things that you never thought existed or the world had any use for.

Malacca along with Alleppey(Kerala), Suzhou(China), Thai Klong(Thailand) is also called 'The Venice of the East'. Yeah it's funny and paradoxical, but its marketing baby! So they had a river cruise which we managed to get onto.

Plenty of museums-there was one that was painted betel-spit-red because the governor was tired of getting the clock tower repainted after everyone kept using it as a spitting post, another within a pirate ship, and a couple of churches of which all that has remained are three walls.

PS1: The title is a serendipitious. Go ahead, don't stop yourself from scrolling up.

PS2: Next epidose on KL. But beware if you're already green with envy, don't read it.

PS3: If you don't pass on this post to your friends, neither will you have bad luck, nor will your eyes pop out, nor will you have bad sex for life, but if you do pass it on to-
1-2 person(s): I will smile
3-7 persons: I will jump for joy
8-15 persons: I will personally thank you and sing praises for you.
16-30 persons: I will take you out to dinner(provided of course you're smart and sexy, else it's be a dutch)

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