Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter 1: About Singapore

Hi all. I know that I've probably pissed off a few of you by the ridiculously short posts. The thing is, both the times, I had to hurry out. At office, as I had explained, my boss overlooks my cabin and at INSEAD yesterday I had to leave to play pool. Really cool, :)

Anyways I have been given a lot of stuff to read, and after psentisem reading for more than an hour at a stretch gives you a headache, so blogging is my way to pass time.

Ok then, Singapore. Hmmm, nice place actually I should say great place. Its got an autocratic democracy as told to me. It means, that though people have the right to vote for whom they want to vote for, there's only one option(I guess if BITS' EC was here, they'd have a none too, that would be a cool turn of events... None wins the elections in Singapore). The law and order is really strict, most would know that selling chewing gum is a punishable offence.

Its so bad sometimes, I am afraid to even think bad, hoping there's no police officer looking for a my devilish smile, waiting to put a gun into my mouth. There are fines everywhere, and the smallest fine is a quarter of the average monthly salary of interns from India. So you know, that if I ever complain about money, I've probably spit at somebody.

Also the society is very sexist. Men move about in shirts and pants, while the poor little girls are forced into wearing such mini-mini skirts. :P . I feel really bad for them, and want to do something, maybe start an NGO. "Please donate for longer skirts" and the social service aspect would probably help in my admission into some B-School too.

Baaki transport is awesome, other than the fact that the system hates me. Yeah seriously, I try to observe every rule in the book, or rather the library, because there are plenty of them to go by. But I always, somehow end up on the wrong bus, wrong platform, or wrong side of the road.

Regarding the expense, yeah it is expensive. Because no matter how much I try I just have to multiply by 30 and gasp at the cost of every cola. However I know ita a passing phase. Max one week, till I spend in dollars, and go bankrupt.

Actually I did break the law once, I didn't pay the bus fare yesterday. I know I am going to get shot, I just hope they wait till I am no longer celibate.

PS: If you ever want to learn that, "I don't give a f**k look", some to Singapore, lots of faces to practice by. I have tried it a lot, but apparently it doesn't work.

Lots more, but I better get to work. Sorry no gtalk at office, so can't chat till we get net at home. And worst of all, incoming is not free. DAMN YOU....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

blogging from Insead Business School

Here I am again. And no, I didn't get fired. Guess my boss had better things to do than look at how much work his intern is doing. waise, right now from Insead Business School. bye

blogging from office

This a new one, even for me. Yeah, its true. This is my second day at office, 8 Kallang Sector, 4th floor. If anyone wants to call me here, its +65 68762368. Waise I would have blogged earlier, that is yesterday, but the administrator here didn't like my name for some reason, and chose to make me work for my account. Now, I am not one to give up easily, so I persisted persevered and finally got my account. yippee.

Hey gotta go now, my supervisor has just sent me stuff to read, and by my luck the boss' office is just behind me. I am looking back ever since, I started this post. I don't want to be fired the very first week. The second maybe, but now first. :) Waise I should start now. Cya later. Lots to come.

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